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Dassault Falcon
Cessna 525

SPAR headquartered in Rio de Janeiro with 17 surveyors located in several regions of Brazil, the USA, Canada and Europe provides the Brazilian Insurance Market strong support for a diverse and unmatched range of products and services, linked to the handling and resolution of insurance claims.

SPAR is a Brazilian company registered with IRB Brasil RE and provides services to foreign Reinsurers in Europe and the United States.

SPAR is a pioneer in the adjustment of aviation accident claims in Brazil and rapidly has become a reliable provider of accurate reports to the Aviation Insurance Market.

SPAR's reputation has been built on its ability to resolve complex claims in Brazil, in neighboring countries and in North America and Europe. Over the years, the application of appropriate professional techniques and related recommendations have resulted in the rapid settlement of claims and savings for Insurers.

SPAR has contributed significantly, including training of personnel, to the Brazilian and international Insurance Markets.

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Surveyors (Vistoriadores)
Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo - Belo Horizonte - Porto Alegre
Belém - Campo Grande - Salvador - Curitiba - Goiânia
Brasilia - Fortaleza - Recife - Manaus
Head Office (Sede) Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Franklin Roosevelt, 39 - Set 1403/1404/1416 - Castelo - Rio de Janeiro - Cep:20.021-120
Phones: 55 21 2220-3828 / 2220-5632 / 2220-3183
Email: [email protected]